Your Shopping Guide

The Galleries and Studios in the old city of Entrevaux invite you for a visit. You can follow the “Parcours des Ateliers” to get there. During the saison you’ll find there local frech products, souvenirs, art and jewellery. During the event “les Médiévales” the shops offer special products and you can visit demonstrations of old crafts.

Look at the pages beneith to find the details.

Just click to see where to go to follow the route. Or just click on the image below. You’ll start the tour at the Tourist Office on the left when you pass the draw bridge. Then take the first little street at the right. Then turn to the right ….

Have Fun!!

entrevaux galleries
Entrevaux. Welcome in our Galleries and Studios.
  1. Tourist Office
  2. Atelier/Gallery Marijke, art and jewellery
  3. Gallery/Atelier Nadine, art and decoration
  4. Échoppe Nature, fresh products and hair bands
  5. Les Jollies Filles, jewellery
  6. La Pain d’Épices, gingerbread and provencal products