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Animation Companies Medieval Festivals Entrevaux 2019

La Terra de Miramaris – Civil camp – Herbalism – Combat equipment protectors – Farm tools workshop – Needle works – Leather and jewelery workshop

Zoolians – fire show – chimerical squadrons

Artpyroconcept – fire arts – luxury arcana

Flags throwers from Castiglion Fiorantino

Les Foliafées – maqieusse and stiltwoman

Aragorn Company – Medieval celto music

Cie Gaspard and his people – street performances

Cie du Bord des Mondes – Bestia the parade of creatures

Riberty Familly – acrobats

Compagnie des Vagabondes – bestiary of baltaïre

La Lunantroll-marionettes on stilts

Les Noiseux d’Orkanie – medieval music

Tartaruga – street theater

La Petite Faucheuse – Pig shows

Equid Event – Chivalry Tournaments

La Chevauchée des Lices – children’s games Games of the past – wooden games

Les Flibustiers de la Voile Noir – camp and workshops

Flaënor Clan Cie – wandering dragon

Dame Geneviève – costume rental

Les Serres de Fer – encampment and ambulation

Atelier vocal Meti Son – songs of the Middle Ages

The Entrevaux Guard – Medieval Knights Templar Corps

Les Blancs Chevaliers de Biot – Medieval Knights Templar Corps

Cie the Pies – medieval music with wild rhythms

Chevaliers de la Garde – they condemn, judge and torture

Les Archers Médiévaux de Malvan – demonstrations and initiation of archery

Le Chant de l’Épée – share their worlds of fighting, singing, music, archery and forging

L’Ost de Temps Jadis – Reconstitution of the life of the Middle Ages, haubergier, kitchen, master of arms, soldiers, vikings and archers

The Gaia Girls – Dances, Swords and Witches

Les Temps Forts – permanent animations (240 actors), large medieval camp at the foot of the village – medieval market – chivalry tournaments, archery archery – night fire show.